Tuesday, January 26, 2016


The scam also known as climate change is a hoax. No one seemed to learn anything from the East Anglia scandal in which e-mails were hacked and showed that much the climate data was manipulated to get a desired result. See http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/columnists/christopherbooker/6679082/Climate-change-this-is-the-worst-scientific-scandal-of-our-generation.html.

 Let's get this straight. Climate change is the latest iteration of the original new ice age prediction in a 1975 Newsweek article of an oncoming new "Ice Age". Time Magazine joined the scam with several covers ballyhooing oncoming ice age.

 The "Wired Magazine" article cited below comes from a magazine group, Condé Nast, which is in the tank for the entire Obama agenda, including "climate change". The author cites UN data to bolster his weak argument. The UN is on record as wanting to impose a so-called carbon tax upon the world, which renders them with a severe conflict of interest. See http://www.wired.com/2016/01/please-stop-saying-humans-arent-causing-climate-change/?mbid=nl_12616.

 Soon after the East Anglia scandal broke, flim flam man Al Gore closed down his Carbon Credit Exchange, in what we would call in the law consciousness of guilt. See http://www.nationalreview.com/planet-gore/252703/rip-al-gores-chicago-climate-exchange-has-died-greg-pollowitz. Ten years ago, Gore predicted that the Earth would be cooked. It looks like he's wrong. See: http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2006/01/27/algore_we_have_ten_years_left_before_earth_cooks/.

Here are some things to consider about the Climate Change scam:

¶    Carbon credits are the new way for the wealthy elite to make money at your expense. Make no mistake, the wealthy elite resent the fact that middle income people muscled into their Cosa Nostra, the stock market, with their 401(k) s. Elites are elites for a reason. See http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2016/01/obama-wins-another-battle-in-his-war-on-coal.html.

 ¶     It's all about control with these elitist control freaks. They want to control where you live, where and how much you drive. If they have their way, you won't have any more 4th of July BBQs because of "carbon footprint" concerns and the fact that patriotism will a thing of the past. Obama is currently conducting his war on coal and driving up the price of electricity for the average person. See http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2016/01/obama-wins-another-battle-in-his-war-on-coal.html.

 ¶      It's all about redistributing wealth, but not the wealth of the elites. You, the middle income citizen will carbon taxed into a controlled subsistence lifestyle with a UN carbon tax. Here's a list of such proposed taxes: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2012/07/07/here-is-a-list-of-global-taxes-proposed-by-the-united-nations-last-week/.

  ¶     Humans exhale carbon dioxide all of the time, which plants love and in a symbiotic relationship produces oxygen when they "exhale". Can you imagine some Liberal Fascist tyrant jailing people because their carbon footprint is criminal? What a nifty way to control dissent and save the Earth.

 ¶      If the situation is dire why are they indoctrinating the public rather than acting on a clear and present danger? Maybe they have no basis for their scam to justify a wholesale transformation of our society.

 The freedom and liberty that you save may be your own. Oppose climate change. Think about it.

Thursday, September 3, 2015


Donald Trump had a "presser" following his signing of a pledge to not engage in a third party run if he doesn't get the GOP nomination. It was refreshing to see someone not cower before the "presstitutes"! In fact, "The Donald" intimidated them. After the twin balless wonders, Mitch "Tranny" McConnell and John "Crybaby Drunk" Boehner (read bonehead), Trump is a breath of fresh air. I'm not endorsing him, but he's brought a "the Emperor has no clothes" tone to the campaign. Alternatives to the professional politician class have arisen, e.g., Dr. Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, and Ted Cruz. Let's that hope that the NE Republicans don't ruin things. To see the "presser" courtesy of C-Span see:

Thursday, January 8, 2015


A new lawsuit might cast some doubt on the viability of a Hillary Clinton presidential run in 2016. No, it's not the then Presidential candidate Bill Clinton's bimbo eruptions of the 1990s, featuring such characters as Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers. But former President Clinton's friendship with a Democrat fundraiser who was later jailed for consorting with an underage female is the subject of news article by the UK Daily Mail.
    Bill Clinton, who was/is friends with Jeffrey Epstein, who served time in 2008 for having a dalliance with an underage sexual partner, took multiple trips to the onetime billionaire's private island in the Caribbean where underage girls were allegedly kept as sex slaves. According to the UK Daily Mail:
"Flight logs pinpoint Clinton's trips on Epstein's jet between the years 2002 and 2005, while he was working on his philanthropic post-presidential career and while his wife Hillary was a Senator for their adopted state of New York." 
The Daily Mail also highlighted these salient facts:
  • The former president was friends with Jeffrey Epstein, a financier who was arrested in 2008 for soliciting underage prostitutes,
  • A new lawsuit has revealed how Clinton took multiple trips to Epstein's private island where he 'kept young women as sex slaves',
  • Clinton was also apparently friends with a woman who collected naked pictures of underage girls for Epstein to choose from. He hasn't cut ties with that woman, however, and invited her to Chelsea's wedding,
  • Comes as friends now fear that if Hillary Clinton runs for president in 2016, all of their family's old scandals will be brought to the forefront, and
  • Epstein has a host of famous friends including Prince Andrew who stayed at his New York mansion AFTER his arrest.
But will this latest Bubba sex scandal hurt Hillary's run for the White House? Will it add to the legend of "Lothario" Bill Clinton, the Godfather of infidelity whose activities inspired the hijinks of former Democrat Congressman, Anthony Weiner and former Democrat New York Governor, Eliot Spitzer? If past history is any guide. No to the first and yes to the latter.
   Bill Clinton is America's lovable rascal. America, as encouraged by a fawning media, vicariously lives through Bubba's exploits. Hillary, as encouraged by a fawning media and low information voters, also will survive this bump in the political road. 
   The examples of Gerry Studds, an openly gay Democrat Congressman who had sex with a 17-year old Congressional page and New Jersey Democrat Senator, Bob Menendez suggest that underage sex romps with minors is no impediment to a viable political career for Democrats. Studds was given a glorious send-off at his funeral. Menendez remains unaccountable for alleged underage sex romps in the Dominican Republic. But why would sex crimes derail a Democrat politician? In fact, a criminal record or membership in racist groups is no problem a political party, containing all political chancres if it will help their Liberal-Fascist agenda. 


Tuesday, December 30, 2014


It seems that the Fascism of the Obama administration bleeds all over the Internet. After having been censored on Facebook, now I'm having difficulty posting items on Google's e-blogger that are controversial (read disagreeing with Obama). Suddenly, my options on e-blogger are coincidently unavailable. This includes saving and posting things that may be contrary to the statist views of the Obama administration. These folks don't take kindly to dissent even though as radicals in the 1960s, they talked like civil libertarians in the style of Thomas Jefferson or Thomas Paine. Here's the latest post while I am a Conservative Libertarian en route to Gitmo.
By the Numbers 

Source: Rush Limbaugh.com
Surprise, surprise, surprise!  Check out the numbers. The rich pay more taxes than the freeloaders that make up the base of the Democrook party. This will come as a big surprise to "low information" voters who never notice that many Democrats are filthy rich, e.g., Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and John Kerry. In fact, Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway owes some $1 billion in back taxes. As Uncle Joe Biden says, "Time to do your patriotic duty and pay your taxes!" Hey Warren! We don't want all of your money. We'd settle for your fair share of taxes according to the tax tables.
False Martyrs  

You've heard the bullsh*t about what victims of police retribution like Michael Brown are. Why Michael Brown was a "gentle giant"! He was a misunderstood "ute" who was another victim of racism in America! So what if he strong armed a convenience store clerk to steal a pack of "Philly Blunts" so he could smoke weed? He was just getting mellow thinking about starting college so that he could either be a guidance counselor or work with the elderly. So what if Officer Wilson lost his pension and was forced to retire? He "murdered" Saint Michael Brown?! So what if Brown's accomplice in the convenience store robbery was never charged with a crime?! So what it the accomplice now works for the City of Ferguson, Mo under a "hire a youth" social program?! They say that, "No good deed goes unpunished." To that I say that, "No bad deed goes unrewarded!" So aren't you glad that the fundamental transformation of America is happening? But of course, the racists most likely believe that the two murdered cops in New York City got what they deserved. Why wouldn't they with the "hate speech" in the form of a "dog whistle" to the protestors by the "Just-Us" Department and the master race baiters like Al Sharpton. 

Mom Jeans Foreign Policy

Now comes the movie, The Interview, which  is a Seth Rogan/James Franco buddy movie of sorts. The movie synopsis is as follows:
Source: IMDb
In the action-comedy The Interview, Dave Skylark (James Franco) and his producer Aaron Rapoport (Seth Rogen) run the popular celebrity tabloid TV show "Skylark Tonight." When they discover that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is a fan of the show, they land an interview with him in an attempt to legitimize themselves as journalists. As Dave and Aaron prepare to travel to Pyongyang, their plans change when the CIA recruits them, perhaps the two least-qualified men imaginable, to assassinate Kim Jong-un. Written by Sony Pictures Entertainment.
An Obamabot idiot on TMZ indirectly defended the then alleged North Korean hack of the Sony Website and potential terrorist violence against theater goers as being justified, because the movie called for the assassination of a sitting foreign leader.

     Most lib douche bags forget the 2006 movie, Death of a President, about the assassination of George W. Bush in Chicago. The synopsis of the movie from IMDb is as follows:
Years after the assassination of President George W. Bush in Chicago, an investigative documentary examines that as-yet-unsolved crime.
It was a bonanza for Bush haters everywhere, providing them with almost as much glee as
Source: IMDb
the Craig Kilborne Late, Late Show clip in 2000, showing a then Presidential candidate George W. Bush speaking while a tickertape ran underneath saying, "Assassins Wanted!" Well, that's a bit of that old Liberal tolerance and that "kind and tolerant" spirit. The movie was defended as being "art"--yup, that lame excuse that is really a well known deodorant for political foul play. Of course if a movie reflects the Liberal Fascist agenda, then the Libs go into "
nuanced thinking" mode, which means defend the agenda at all intellectual costs. 
      When Sony reversed its decision to not release The Interview, actors and Libtards beat their chests proclaiming their love of the First Amendment. No one was going to tell them what they couldn't watch. Here's the kicker though, the political gadfly, George Clooney circulated a petition to take action against the cyber terrorism of North Korea. No one in Hollywood signed it!
     But after the generally ineffective Obama FBI fingered the North Koreans, the Hollyweird crowd suddenly grew a pair. They were tough as nails when it came to the First Amendment. How safe with the FBI to hide behind. You can almost hear them say, "That'll show 'em!" It was like the euphoria after the 1980 U.S. Hockey team's victory over the Russians. No blood was shed, but by God we showed 'em! The Soviets weren't fazed by the loss, except for unfortunate players that were assigned to gulag hockey teams. And that's point. The new motto of the U.S. should be, "A bad bruise before dishonor."


Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I have been absent from this blog for well over a year. The reason for that is that I joined Facebook (FB) with the harebrained idea that I could post news articles with some independent commentary by me. Boy, was I ever wrong! The proper use of Facebook it seems, is primarily to post pictures of family, cute kids, and pets. I have nothing against this "proper use" because I own a cute Bichon Frisé. And yes, I have posted pictures of her and have gotten the usual "aw, how cute" responses. 
  Other "proper uses" of FB appear to be the posting of little posterettes that have bromides and positive affirmations of life. This is the tripe that typically overruns the walls of Human Resources departments in corporate America. But the primary rule of participating on FB is to NEVER contradict a fellow Liberal Facebooker whenever a "hot button" issue is involved. You run the danger of being "unfriended" or even worse being called a "troll"!
The Loneliness of a Conservative Among Irrational FB Bleeding Hearts 
Apart from a couple of simpatico Facebookers, my admittedly right wing opinions on FB have been met with accusations of being cynical and a "finger pointer"! Presumably, that means not being a "positive person"! And therein lies the dangers of having strong but "wrong" opinions on FB. It is not "politically correct" to contradict Liberal orthodoxy or even moderate Republicanism (read RINO). 
   My prime example of not being "FB politically correct" is where I commented on a FB thread "discussion" of why the United States couldn't provide the same welfare goodies that an "evolved country" like Denmark provides. Well, if I were dealing with rational informed people, I could have had a rational discussion with real facts. Facts like, never mind that Denmark is, as our ubiquitous Presidunce once described Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela, a tiny country when compared to the United States.
   There were so many ignorant and anti-American comments throughout the thread that I wondered if these people have ever seen the inside of schoolhouse? The stupidest comment in the thread came from a Liberal who said (I'm giving an approximate quote here), "True, Denmark has high taxes, but they get 'free' education and 'free' medical care." If that isn't the stupidest thought that I have ever read, then I'm a 6' 6" big blond Swede. I guess she missed the civics class on the role of taxes in providing public services.   
 What got me censored and eventually "unfriended" on Facebook
It is alright for Liberals to express their opinions, no matter how stupid, lame, outlandish, or offensive they are. What got me "unfriended" and censored was my criticism of a scene from The Newsroom, Season 1, Episode 1, in which Jeff Daniels "explains" why America isn't great anymore. I posted my three part criticism on FB, but since it was on another's "Timeline" it was taken down, i.e., I was censored. But that's okay, it was and is a Facebooker's right to control what's on his/her timeline. But I managed to save Part 3 of  the response and posted it on my own Timeline. That too unfortunately was removed from MY FB Timeline. Now that's not okay! Fortunately, I managed to save Part 3 of my rebuttal, warts and all. Here's my rebuttal to Mr. Daniel's scene:
MY RESPONSE PART THREE: Apparently I'm not "evolved enough" to see the "Progressive" view of the world. I don't play well with authoritarian personalities like the Obamas, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the DNC. No, it is you who missed my point. And no, once again, I am not cynical. (Your repetitive condescending insult/label is getting to be almost as bad as being called a racist.) But to digress, it is Mr. Daniels that is the cynic. He is a peddler of despair and cynicism. I am sorry that people like him just sit idly by in their sidewalk cafes doing nothing while waiting for TMZ to come by and help him publicize his latest movie. It is also the cynicism of Mr. Daniels that assumes that only likeminded individuals like him can appreciate intellect--such arrogance from such a small mind with a scripted diatribe. Didn't you catch his implied sexism and racism in assuming that a young white girl was a vapid, dumb little sorority girl that "might wander into a voting booth one day"? We're allegedly behind the world because instead of creating better job opportunities, "Progressives" obsess about increasing the minimum wage for entry level/dead end jobs. That would be fine and dandy if Libs actually cared about the well-being of minimum wage workers. But the dirty little secret is that the unions, their political and financial allies, have escalator clauses in their union contracts that give them an automatic pay raises whenever the minimum wage goes up. The other scary reason is that people like Mr. Daniels are control freaks. They don't care if these poor folks ever advance, because they might one day become a threat to them or their kids in the job market. They want your income and opportunities to be limited so long as you don't rebel against the all-knowing "elites." But our conformity to the elite's will is conditioned upon our being satisfied with our living wages, iPhones, flat screen Hi-Def TVs, Internet access, Netflix, and mediocre healthcare benefits. Meanwhile, elitist plutocrat, Mr. Warren Buffett (Democrat) urges the rest of us non-elites to pay more in taxes for the greater good. But for over the last 10 years, he has been quietly fighting over $80 million in back taxes that his investment fund, Berkshire Hathaway owes the US. Mr. Buffett, we'll settle for a "fair" percentage of what your company owes, if you, as Uncle Joe Biden says, do "your patriotic duty" and pay your back taxes! We need the money for green projects like Solyndra and Obama's golf green fees. BTW, Liberalism 50 years later is an abject failure and a loser at the ballot box-- except when there's vote fraud. Liberalism loses because an average schmo occasionally gets a streak of ambition and comes up with that one great idea or product that makes OTHER people's lives better. Or maybe the schmo works harder at his/her job so that he/she gets that well-deserved promotion and pay raise and his/her kids get hope for a better future. But what the fuck do I know? I am a cynic. Remember?
Profanity is the crutch of the inarticulate. So perhaps I should have left out of my response, "But what the fuck do I know?" It probably got me a FB complaint for being "abusive"! But I've had Libs call me "a fucking idiot" for my beliefs. But that's okay because Libs have the proper public morality. And it's also okay to fight evil with evil. Conservatives, as the quintessential evil doers, on the other hand should have no First Amendment rights.
   I'll still post on FB. But it will be recipes, nice doggie pictures, and those artsy photos with the stupid little bromides on them. Not on your life. I rather be free to speak anywhere that I choose, subject to laws and contractual agreements, than to cower before petty little Liberal Fascists.



Friday, April 19, 2013


Here's an attempt by US taxpayer funded NPR (National Partisan Radio) to demonize "their enemies" on the right. Once again, they ignore historical and actual fact by implying that Hitler was a "right winger" although Nazism--(National Socialism and in German: Nationalsozialismus)-- is a form of Socialism.

The slur is partly true, but only because Nazis are to the right of traditional Socialists and Communists. This tag developed during German elections in the 1930s during Hitler's ascent to power. In one respect, our American news media resembles Josef Goebbels' propaganda machine in that they practice the "Big Lie" technique to perfection.

Here's our legendary news media in action as documented by Breitbard's Big Journalism! According to Big Journalism, "What a beautiful racket the left has going. Those of us who dare not be liberal are literally paying, through our tax dollars, for NPR to smear us like this:"

[Click on link above to see the Big Journalism/NPR video report.] 
Partial transcript:

"The thinking, as we have been reporting, is that this is a domestic, extremist attack and officials are leaning that way largely because of the timing of the attack. April is a big month for anti-government and right-wing individuals. There's the Columbine anniversary, there's Hitler's birthday, there's the Oklahoma City bombing, the assault on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco."

The NPR reporter is Dina Temple-Raston. John Nolte, the Big Journalism reporter wryly observed that her name "... makes sense. After all, don't most serial-smearers have three names?"

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing and in true Liberal Fascist mode, the Libs are looking for their Reichstag moment. The Loony Bin at MS-NBC, Salon Magazine, Barney Frank, et al, are hoping against hope that it is a right wing American white male that committed this crime. Yet, some of the most heinous acts of recent domestic terrorism have been committed by the radical left. Examples include, the Gabby Giffords shooting by a Bush hater, the IRS Austin building plane crash by a Bush hater, and the take over of the Discovery Channel building by an Eco-terrorist, all testaments to the hate fueled rage of the irrational left.
     But American leftist domestic terrorists are routinely rewarded for their bad acts. The "Occupy Wall Street" thugs are celebrated by Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. Jerry "Yippee" Rubin, ended up as an investment banker living in a luxury penthouse at the time of his death. Weather Underground alums, William Ayers (Department Chair, Education Department, University of Illinois), Bernadette Dorn (tenured law professor at Northwestern Law School), and Kathy Boudin (adjunct professor at Columbia University who was hired almost immediately after being released after serving 22 years in prison for an armed robbery resulting in the death of two cops and a Brinks guard), have all landed on their feet after their bad acts.
     But American leftist domestic terrorists are not your usual criminals. Unlike their Euro terrorist-criminal counterparts, like the Baader-Meinhof gang, they have their own "Good Old Bomber" network that gets them good jobs, businesses, and careers after their radical days are over. It matters not that they committed heinous crimes. All is forgiven, because leftists of all stripes have the proper "public morality." But this concept has been  revised  by leftists  to trump all bad acts by their fellow travelers. 
     This revisionist concept came to the forefront during the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal.  Never mind that Bill Clinton committed perjury to cover up his extramarital affair with Monica Lewinsky. Everybody lies about sex. So voilà!  We now have "perjury lite"--a victimless crime!  And we all know that it is almost always wrong to punish such "harmless" crimes. Under this rubric, we can reasonably infer  that as long as you have the politically correct "Weltanschauung," (Wall Street is immoral, partial birth abortion is good, etc.,)  just about any bad act committed to advance the leftist agenda is justifiable. But no such pass should ever be extended to a right wing white male. That would be against "public morality" after all.
    For an example of the"Good Old Bomber" network, see http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/weather-underground/. You'll see that many of the Weather Underground "activists" ended up doing quite nicely.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Spreading the Wealth Around

How is it that in their drive to "spread the wealth around" that plutocrat Democrats still retain their wealth? Warren Buffett's Berkshire-Hathaway still owes the Feds $80M in back taxes. If Buffett believes that he should pay more taxes, then he should write a check for what he owes already. How much more taxes has Bill Gates, the Kennedys, the Rockefellers, and other super wealthy Democrats paid? Answer: 0.

Socialism in any of its many forms is designed to keep middle class people from entering the upper echelon of wealth. Prop 30 in California passed overwhelmingly in Marin County, arguably the richest county in California. No doubt their tax lawyers and accountants worked overtime to insulate their wealthy Liberal clients. No doubt they helped write trust fund "kid" Jerry Brown's Prop 30 to amend the California Constitution to pummel the middle class with oppressive taxes.

The ones hit hardest will be small businesses. They will be kept from growing and the old line corporations will be safe from competition. Coupled with the indolent, parasitic 47%ers, once again those of us in the middle will be repeatedly raped financially by this gang of thieves. The Democrats in the Senate have come up with a budget for the first time in four years. Guess what? They are asking for more money in taxes despite getting billions during the last fiscal standoff. When is enough… well enough?

What is Success?

I think that it was George Carlin that talked about 2d place (silver) as being the worst medal to get in the Olympics. According to him, it's like you weren't good enough to win the gold, but that 3d place (bronze) was okay. This shows a lack of perspective. What are needed are context and an emotional dictionary defining terms like success or victory. (I guess we can all look that up in our Funk & Wagnall's, (Apologies to Rowan & Martin.)

Being second place in an Olympic event may sound like you're "Second Hand Rose from Second Avenue," but in the context of being second place in the huge universe of world class athletes in your event, it's quite an accomplishment. A friend once told me that as a public defender, he was always depressed because most of his cases were losers. I told him that it depends on how you define winning. If you win a motion to suppress evidence, it's a victory. If a judge rules favorably on your trial objection it's a victory. I considered getting one of my clients work furlough, i.e., release to go to his regular day job and incarceration at a work furlough facility at night instead of going to the slam as a victory. He was glad to pay the cost of his stay at the work furlough facility in lieu of losing his job if he went to jail.

Do yourself a favor and take it easy on yourself.

From the Australian Tea Party...

... but only in a dystopian socialist paradigm, i.e., "You didn't build that!"


Monday, February 11, 2013


Christopher Dorner, the ex-LA cop accused of three revenge killings is beginning to garner support from among the loony bin crazies of the Left. Several years ago, Michael Savage wrote an aptly titled book Liberalism is a Mental Disorder, which "savaged" the so-called Liberal intellectual mindset. (It is doubtful if there is any intellectual content there at all.) The book contains  the following passage chastising Liberals on page 203 of the book's Afterward:
In the end, your tolerance of the intolerable is actually a reflection of your loss of clarity; your tolerance of virtually everything and your "anything goes" attitude is not a mark of liberalism, it's a mark of the degeneration of your ability to judge anything.
Savage appears to be correct in his observation of the Liberal mindset.
     A CBS Sacramento website's news article notes that surprisingly thousands of people are supporting Dorner. The article also notes that it is hard to believe that people would support the "targeting of police officers," but there is a Facebook (FB) page called We Are All Chris Dorner (WAACD) FB page. Some of the comments written there would sound like ones that you might hear at a sociopath convention.
The following news link was shared on the WAACD FB page:

""The Los Angeles police captain who was chairman of the department's board of rights hearing that fired Christopher Dorner and may be one of the top targets in Dorner's list of enemies has not left his home since the manhunt for the ex-LAPD officer began on Monday..."
Here's a typical crazy leftist illiterate low information voter reaction:
I hope he gets him next and everyone in that list y is there's cops protecting cops what they can't protect them self and we are supposed to depend on them to protect us they can't even protect them selfs[.] (sic)
Here's some more unedited and uncorrected  WAACD FB comments. Please try to ignore the bad grammar and vulgarities  from the nuanced thinking Democrat voting base:
-Crooks in uniforms that's the police for you
 -I hope he gets away fuck pigs!!!!!
-Oh yea...he's a AA male so its ok. No its not OK! We don't know IF HE EVEN KILLED THOSE PEOPLE!!!! WE JUST HAVE THE WORD OF A CORRUPT LAPD AND MSM! 
-It's almost been one year since trayon Martin, the tide is changing this is what happens after years and years of bullshit and asking begging pleading for justice! Now it's fuck justice people getting blood thirsty
The illiteracy and illogical thought processes displayed by these "nuanced thinkers" in their FB comments is immoral. If this isn't an indictment of the American education system that is dominated by Liberal teacher's unions I don't know what is.

     A friend of mine described what Liberalism is doing to America as, "keep 'em dancin', keep 'em high" so they don't know what's being done to them. It's already been done for forty years of indoctrination through the educational system, the news media, television and motion pictures. Of course, Dorner is getting the "Victim" as well as the "Teflon Obama pass." Any criticism of this Black Avenger will be seen as racism. But murder knows no race. If Dorner was so aggrieved, there is a civil law process. But we have a President that wipes his feet on the Constitution daily. Why should we expect anything different from Dorner?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


It was only a matter of time before the Super Bowl became yet another battle ground for "politically correct" social causes. Apparently no aspect of American Life is immune from the political correctness crowd's guerrilla antics.  NewsBusters cites New York Times columnist Frank Bruni's story about Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo's desire to promote gay marriage at sport's biggest venue--the Super Bowl.  Super Bowl XLVII may become another soapbox for gay marriage. Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo wants to celebrate a Ravens victory in the Super Bowl by dancing with Ellen DeGeneres on her daytime talk show. 

      According to Bruni, Ayanbadejo’s support for gay rights comes from childhood connections to a diverse group that included many that were openly gay or lesbian. He once lived in an LGBT dorm at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where his stepfather was the resident director.  “I was raised around gay people in a very liberal society,” Ayanbadejo told Bruni during an interview in September. “Discrimination was never allowed” (NN comment: except when practiced by Libs against Conservatives or Christians.)

      Full disclosure:  In mid-1980s, I lived in a diverse neighborhood called University Heights in San Diego near the Hillcrest district of San Diego, which is analogous to  the "Castro District" of San Francisco, California. I called my neighborhood "Baja Hillcrest" because it had a diverse population that included Gays, Blacks, Latinos, and Whites.  I got along very well with my gay next-door neighbors and frequently socialized with them. While I didn't endorse their chosen lifestyle, I didn't judge it or them either. It simply was none of my business.  My current opposition to gay marriage stems from not wanting to bestow valuable economic rights--e.g., tax filing status--to a group because of whom they prefer as sexual partners. This is opposed to validating the grant of such valuable economic rights because of an immutable genetic imperative, e.g., race or gender. For all you Libs looking for more tax revenue, Gay marriage isn't it.

     The Supreme Court has recognized race, national origin, religion and alienage as suspect classifications; and it therefore analyzes any government action that discriminates against these classes under a strict scrutiny standard.  The Supreme Court has established standards for determining whether a statute or policy's classification requires the use of strict scrutiny. The class must have experienced a history of discrimination, must be definable as a group based on "obvious, immutable, or distinguishing characteristics," is a minority of "politically powerless," and its characteristics must have little relationship to the government's policy aims or the ability of the group's members to contribute to society.

     Gays have been wrongly discriminated and subject to unjustified violence for years. I believe in prosecution to the full extent of the law for such discrimination and wrongdoing.  But I am waiting for scientific evidence that homosexuality is genetic. At that point, I will be at the front of the line advocating for gay marriage. Civil unions have substantially accomplished much of what the Gay community has been seeking in terms of equality of  treatment.  But there are dissenters to this view.
     However you might feel about the subject, marriage has been traditionally defined as being between a man and a woman involving extended family and children. Marriage was designed to afford legal protection to the wives and children of a union between a man and a woman against a wastrel husband and father. Once children come into the picture, the man and the woman are forever bound to each other and there needs to be a protective legal paradigm for the children of such a union.
     The NFL is not immune from the pressures of the PC crowd's zealotry on any issue.  In what has been cynically described by some as a marketing scheme to appeal to women, the NFL began promoting breast cancer awareness. Three hundred pound players and coaches wore pink shoes, pink hats, pink gloves, and pink ribbons to show their "concern" over breast cancer. Never mind that prostate cancer kills more men than breast cancer kills everyone. Don't be surprised, breast cancer affects men also although there is not as many victims as women. Notable male celebrities that suffered breast cancer include Shaft star, Richard Roundtree and The Price is Right announcer Rod Roddy.  Yet, because of marketing concerns and a slavish adherence to following the political correctness fad of the day, the NFL is trying to become a "politically correct" sport. But the NFL's descent into political correctness and becoming an arm of the political Left has been evolving in recent years.
     In 2009, Roger Goodell and Indianapolis Colts owner, Jim Irsey  were vocal in their opposition to Rush Limbaugh approval as a potential owner of the St. Louis Rams NFL football club. Never mind that Left wing antagonistic George Soros was part of the group seeking to purchase the Rams.  So Left wing nuts are okay as owners with NFL, but not Conservatives? Absolutely no way is that right! But Goodell's anti-conservative stance might stem from the fact that his father, U.S. Senator Charles Goodell was defeated by Conservative Party candidate James Buckley for the New York Senate seat in 1970.  Now Goodell seems be leading with the campaign to make football more "civilized" (see below).

     There may also be legal considerations by the NFL inasmuch as several lawsuits have been filed against the NFL. The suits sound in tone as the litigation against big tobacco.  For example, the lawsuit by the Seau family against the NFL for the wrongful death of suicide victim Junior Seau mirrors the "I didn't know it was bad for me" assertion that was common in the Big Tobacco lawsuits.  But there is a concept in the law called "assumption of the risk." One popular legal resource  defines assumption of the risk as:
(1) An affirmative defense in a negligence case, in which the defendant claims that the situation (taking a ski-lift, climbing a steep cliff) was so inherently or obviously hazardous that the injured plaintiff must have known of the risk, but took the chance of being injured. (2) The act of contracting to take over a risk, such as buying the right to a shipment and accepting the danger that it could be damaged or prove unprofitable.
I played high school football during the Neolithic (Neanderthal to some) period of football in the late 1960s. I knew and assumed the injury risks associated with the game of football. Back then the rules were looser. There were crack back blockschop blocks, and physical intimidation, i.e., physical contact, e.g., until the ball was in the air, receivers were subject to physical contact.  I still have residual injuries from playing high school football 40 years ago. And every once in a while my lower back locks up, my Achilles tendon hurts, or my ribs ache, but it goes away with aspirin and/or Salonpas patches. But I got more severe injuries, including two concussions, while playing the "politically correct" non-contact game of soccer.  Yet, I wouldn't trade a minute of any of my sports participation experiences  for a gold ingot.
     Team sports teach people to work together successfully under a plan  (read the mission statement) while cooperating with people that you may not like (read crappy co-workers) and your coach (read a crappy boss).  They may have not realized back then, but our coaches were teaching us valuable life lessons. And maybe back then, we were much more practical  than today's sensitive new age ball players.  Today's leftist ball players seem to be a bunch of whinny candy asses, (a favorite term of endearment used by my JV football defensive coach).  So please just shut up and play the game. I really don't want to hear about your politics at the Super Bowl.  If you have a grievance, then write your Congressperson or Senator instead.  Read Out of Their League on your own time, not mine.  I'm interested in watching pro football, not watching some 1960s style teach-in